Sunday, 15 January 2017

Challenges for the organising team

O. S. Arun is checking his mail backstage. As one of the team members who manage the Aradhana he has his hands full.
So what is the toughest job at the Aradhana ?

Sifting through the few thousand applications from people keen to offer their tribute at the Aradhana. Arun says the thumb rule for selection is the learning years of the candidate ( for youngsters ) and references. The team does not encourage those who have got an opportunity here to apply in the next two years.

What about getting up the infrastructure ? The pandal, the lighting, the stalls?
Arun says this does not pose too many headaches.
" We have been holding the Aradhana for years and the regular contractors know their jobs"

Arun says that since all the team mates are artistes sifting through the applications and coordinating with them on schedules is easy.

Do they use technology to schedule the daily concerts?
No. "The old system of work is easy", says Arun, who had his time on stage on the first day here.

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