Sunday, 15 January 2017

Space for nadaswaram artistes

In many ways, the nadaswaram community has had its own space at the Aradhana and held its own too. In the team of the Sabha that hosts the event is the maestro Aridwaramangalam A K Palanivel who is one of the two secretaries. The other is Srimushnam Raja Rao.

The nadaswaram artistes have three sets of slots in the Aradhana schedule every day besides a key space on the showcase morning of the gosti singing of Thyagaraja Pancharathna kritis.

These artistes stand out even in the crowd: smartly attired in kurtas and vestis, networking and meeting colleagues outside the Big Tent and always with a retinue of their young sishyas who have to be at hand: lugging the instruments or holding the vettalai and paaku box. 

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