Monday, 20 January 2014

All sorts are in the pandal . .

Last evening was also time to catch up with people and make new friends, Sunday that it was.

There was this group which was armed with dismantible chairs, still and movie cameras and even a set of binoculars - to catch a close view of the artistes on stage.

And a family from Mannargudi, visiting friends in the town and adjourning to the pandal. The teenager boy was curious with our online blogging, shared his own experiences with the tech stuff and then took his dad's Samsung phone to shoot some visuals so he could edit and post a one-minute film online of the aradhana.

His little sister  created a sundal-like cone paper pack and packed sand in it at one end and deposited it at another, laughing at her intermittent amusement.

At about 9.30 was time for the All India Radio engineers ( who stay put on all days beside the stage) to link up two concerts on the national network. Those of Priya Sisters and of flutist B Vijayagopal.

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