Thursday, 9 January 2014

The mantapa is going up!

The tradition continues. A ritual we all believe in. Praying for all the goodness one needs for such a huge event.
And so, a few weeks ago a ceremony was held to launch the work of erecting the mantapam that will house the artistes and the rasikas at the aradhana. On the banks of the Cauvery, now dry.

The jobs flow from one to the other; well practiced over the years.

This is where hundreds of rasikas and at least 200 artistes will listen and perform, paying tribute to Thyagaraja at his samadhi.

Here is where many travelers will nap a bit or even rest for the night during the aradhana.

Wish the men in charge toned the lights and lowered the volumes that often hurt a discerning rasika.

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