Monday, 20 January 2014

To Grand Anaicut. And to the monument for a great Chozhan

The morning was for a destination we had postponed yesterday. To the Grand Anaicut.
If the road to this world famous space is scenic, the anaicut environs allow for long walks - perhaps best done after 4 p.m. in a forgiving sun on the other side.

The waters were being let into the Vennar and in the Coleroon and early couples were finding some nice spots in the islands of green.

On one flank of this dam rises the brand new monument paid for by the present AIADMK government; a tribute to Karikala Chozhan, the man credited with having built the engineering marvel across the great Cauvery. The Grand Anaicut.

The spotless white monument, in its final stage draws busts and signposts that credit the Englishmen who added to the dam in the late 19th century.

We check out the place casually, and are greeted by a massive cast bronze elephant sitting in a lorry and about to be unloaded and set up inside the monument.

The Chozhan raja statue lies on the floor, packed; to be mounted on the elephant. ( A similar image but in cement stands in a island closely).

And then we have a surprise - the statue is the work of the well known Nagappa of Madras; now in its 4th generation. Kishore is here to supervise the work. And we go down memory lane. For,  old timers of the city are familiar with the Nagappas since their Narasingapuram ( off Mount Road) days.

The road holds many surprises; make sure you step off the main when you can!

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