Friday, 17 January 2014

Thyagarajar illam. Home to the Saint's music.

The house where Thyagaraja lived his entire life and composed host of kritis is now a glaze-tiled construction. The Unchavrithi Bhajanai starts from this renovated building in Thirumanjana veedhion the Aradhana day.

The house was originally built for Rama Brahmam, father of Thyagaraja, by King Thulajendra, the then Maratha ruler of Thanjavur. Made of mud and clay, the house was found in a dilapidated condition and the Sri Thyagabrahma Mahotsava Sabha renovated it to what is now Thyagarajar Illam. It now has an arch at the entrance and a bronze idol of Thyagaraja inside a mantapam. The pillars and walls of the large hall have musical instruments sculpted on them.

During the five days of the Aradhana, this 'illam' remains open for most part of the day. The residents of the house opposite the illam (still an old tiled house) take care of this Thyagaraja's home. Bhanu, who is nice to the visitors, takes you inside and shows you around the home.

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