Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday morning likes . .

We wake up to a wizened woman drawing a kolam at our doorstep. This creative ritual has been long over at other doorsteps in the agraharam. The bath reminds us how we have been banished to bathe in hard water in our cities - made a mistake to apply shampoo here. Foolish us!

I must attend to my Sunday must - Holy Mass. We head to the church in Thiruvaiyaru dedicated to the madha ( Mary) where the recitation of the rosary is drowned in the honks, grinding tyres and impatient swerves of the lorries - this small town stands bang in the criss-cross of heavy, goods and passenger-ladden traffic.

Youths inside the church make an effort to strap a white screen across casuarina poles beside the altar. When the Mass begins I realize the reason for this effort - flash the lyrics of the Mass songs on a screen to coax the congregation to sing together.

The nadaswaram music floats in a tad after 9 a.m. from the aradhana pandal, 800 mts away. Start of Day 3 at the aradhana.

It is a lazy Sunday here. Slots of juniors, some sing off key some on but then this is just a tribute; and it is all in the spirit.

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