Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The pancharatna kritis morn; on the sidelines

We chose to cover the aradhana in parts on Tuesday morning. One of us went into the streets to look around and came back with a small collection of photos of rangolis of Thyagaraja.

One doesn't miss the two rangolis that the simple households opposite the main gate design for this occasion.

The mallari during the procession of the image of the saint composer from the memorial to the pandal was great and by 8a.m. the panda was full and even pass holders had to retreat.

It had drizzled in the morn; adding to the heavy dew but when the sun came up it was fierce and sharp.

But the diehard rasikas squatted on the campus, pulled out the printed lyrics circulated by Tamil newspapers and joined the gosti singing of the pancharatna kritis, said to be the jewels of Thyagaraja's compositions.

Only a few well known artistes made it to the singing this year; so rasikas who lined up the exit after the singing were disappointed.

At the dining hall of the sabha that manages the aradhana, the lunch was free today and the crowds surged in for a nice meal.

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